Healthy Diets to Beat Chronic Disease

Ellen Marsh

Find healthy diet plans for fighting many chronic diseases. Learn from people who beat the odds and discover how they did it! Changing your diet may be easier than you might think.

When you're diagnosed with a serious illness, the best person to ask, "What should I do?"may not be your doctor. A better idea?

Ask someone who had your chronic disease and recovered from it.

Very likely, these healthy people (formerly patients) tried many treatments, doctors, hospitals, and drugs along the way to recovery. Their first hand experience and knowledge can steer you in the right direction and save you from choosing treatments that are costly, invasive and may not even work.

I am one of them. In 2009 I was diagnosed with a rare type of brain cancer.  I know what you're thinking... how could changing your diet fix that?

When I was diagnosed, I was eating a vegetarian, nearly vegan diet. Sounds healthy, right? What I didn't know was that not all plant-based foods are created equal. A handful of foods are especially powerful cancer fighters: garlic, onions, spinach, kale, and cruciferous vegetables.

I had never even tried brussels sprouts or kale before! Avoiding unhealthy foods, I learned, is not enough. You need to add high nutrient foods to your diet too.

I started out by searching for healthy success stories of cancer survivors. What I found was encouraging. I was surprised to find all sorts of people who beat the odds to overcome "incurable" chronic diseases: from cancer to diabetes, multiple sclerosis and more by committing to a healthy diet plan.

Some had medical training as doctors or researchers, while others found the courage to educate themselves, by searching for answers to their chronic diseases and taking control of their health again.

Will changing my diet really help me get healthy?

You can find many testimonials online, but only a few go beyond making a short video about  how they overcame illness. The people who helped me the most shared what they had learned by writing books, creating websites and making films that anyone can access easily.  They also created ways to support you in your search for recovery.

Often their transformation started with a change of heart and then a simple healthy diet change a day...

  • Adding a new food (especially easy in a soup or salad)
  • Substituting healthy sweets (like fruit or stevia) for cane sugar
  • Trying a healthier breakfast (like delicious green smoothies)
  • Cooking less and eating more raw fruits and vegetables
  • Enjoying new ways of preparing favorite foods