Multiple Sclerosis Diet - Recovery Success Stories

Multiple Sclerosis Diet - Recovery Success Stories

A diet for multiple sclerosis can make a dramatic difference for people with MS. I learned this while researching my own illness, brain cancer. I had thought multiple sclerosis was an incurable disease until...

I found MS patients who had recovered with changes to diet and lifestyle.

After sorting through many stories, I chose these as my favorites. 
What makes these personal MS stories stand out? 

  • They healed by learning about AND making lifestyle changes
  • They avoided the adverse effects of MS drug treatments.
  • They answered my questions and were approachable.
  • They shared information you can access: websites, books, videos, etc.
  • They gave me hope that I could get well too.

Terry Wahls - Healing with The Wahls Protocol 

Dr. Terry Wahls

Dr. Terry Wahls is a clinical professor of medicine in Iowa City, Iowa. Diagnosed with MS in 2000, she recovered very quickly after changing her diet and making other lifestyle changes.

These photos were taken just one year apart. Amazing!

Wahls takes a scientific approach to diet and writes about it in The Wahls Protocol

In this TEDxIowaCity talk,she tells her story. 

At 9:02 - Learn what foods led to Terry Wahls' recovery.

George Jelinek - Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (OMS)

George Jelinek is a Professor in Emergency Medicine in Melbourne, Australia. In 1999 He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He was determined to beat the disease after seeing his mother suffer from it for many years. And he has done just that!

He has lived for 15 years without a relapse by following the OMS Recovery Program.

Jelinek's website,, offers a wide range of support for people with multiple sclerosis and their caregivers: a free discussion forum,  great recipes and an FAQ section with detailed information to help in recovery. Jelinek and his staff offer MS retreats in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. 

The web site accepts no funding from outside organizations, so you can count on it to be unbiased and independent.

He  also wrote Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis, a book that many MS patients say is one of the best on the subject.

Rosemary Fletcher - Only You Can Heal Yourself

Rosemary Fletcher spent 11 years in a wheelchair because of multiple sclerosis. She was on many MS medications at the time and feeling like she was "in a daze".

Today she is walking, living independently, and taking no medications for multiple sclerosis.
  And she looks at least 20 years younger than her age! Her glowing skin is just one sign of how a healthy diet improves overall health, not just one condition.

I was so inspired by this interview with Paul Nison of The Raw Life Health Show that I decided I had to meet Rosemary Fletcher myself.  Her recovery was so dramatic that part of me thought it might not be true.

So when I met Rosemary in 2013 I was impressed and humbled. She embodies all the traits you see in this video - optimism, serenity, determination and patience.  Attitudes I wish I had more of myself.

Rosemary began to turn her health around by changing her mind. She decided to try something to ease the pain in her arms and hands by drinking distilled water every day. (She does not recommend this for everyone, by the way.) After a week or two of drinking plenty of water, she noticed the pain in her joints starting to disappear. Not long after this, she was able to use her hands without stiffness or pain. She started to ask herself...

What else could I do to recover from multiple sclerosis?

While searching online, Rosemary came across "God's 8 Laws for Natural Healing" and decided to try more of these laws in her own life. (Drinking pure water was one of the laws.) Her diet now is mostly raw vegan food. She goes outside in the sunshine to walk every day and  would like to ride a bike again, but balance is still a problem for her.

I asked Rosemary what her doctor said when she walked into his office for the first time. He told her, "You really should get back on your medication."

There is much more to Rosemary's recovery story, but she can explain it better than I can. Learn more at her website, You Heal You.

Malik Johnson - Alternative MS Recovery 

Malik Johnson (aka K-rob) lives in Brooklyn, New York. He first had symptoms of MS when he was 37. It took another 4 or 5 years before he was correctly diagnosed. After getting this news...

He refused to take multiple sclerosis medications. Instead Malik began reading everything he could get his hands on about recovering from MS.

Based on this information, Malik started eliminating foods from his diet: first red meat, then dairy. Each time his symptoms improved, so he kept going, allowing his diet to evolve one step at a time.

Later he began adding  healthy foods: raw vegetables, green juices and more. He combined different approaches to see what worked for him... and it did work!

Malik didn't have a background in medicine, but he did...

  • Become his own health advocate
  • Educate himself in MS, nutrition and health
  • Call on his religious faith to help him recover
  • Listen to his body for clues to what was working
  • Make a commitment to treating himself well

What foods can I eat on a Multiple Sclerosis Diet?

Several diets can help MS patients to recover, so you have choices!
These diets all share one thing in common...

Every MS diet is low in saturated fat.

What can I eat on The Swank MS Diet?

  • Saturated fat = 15 grams per day or less
  • Unsaturated fat (oils) = 20-50 grams per day
  • Dairy products must contain 1% or less fat
  • Cod liver oil (1 teaspoon)
  • Multi-vitamin and mineral supplement each day

Foods NOT allowed:

  • Red meat during the first year of the diet
  • Processed foods if these contain saturated fat
  • Dairy products containing more than 1% fat

    Source:  Swank MS Foundation 
    NOTE: This is a brief summary only. Learn  more...

What can I eat on The Wahls Protocol?

Three dinner plates per day full of fruit and non-starchy vegetables.

If you measure these out:

  • 3 cups green leaves/day (kale, spinach, and other greens)
  • 3 cups sulfur foods/day (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, garlic, mushroom)
  • 3 cups brightly colored foods/day (fruits, berries, carrots, red cabbage, red pepper, etc.)
  • high quality protein daily (wild fish like salmon or herring, grass fed meats)
  • organ meats, seaweed once a week

What can I eat on The OMS Recovery Program?

This program was developed by George Jelinek.  The diet is a plant-based wholefood diet (vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grains, fruit) that also allows seafood.

The diet is similar to The Swank MS Diet, but recommends an even lower fat intake:

Saturated fat is limited to 5-10 grams per day.

Foods allowed:

Egg whites
Milk substitutes (almond, oat, rice and soy milk)
Olive oil (in small amounts, but not for frying)
Shortening (fat free only)
Soy products
Whole grains

Plus Supplements:
Omega-3 fatty acid supplement (fish oil and flaxseed oil)
Vitamin D 5000 IU/day

NOTE: This is a brief summary. Also see the OMS Recovery Program video.

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